The next awkward person arrives o3o

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The next awkward person arrives o3o

Post by YukiSeino on Sat Apr 07, 2012 7:31 am

So~ Like so many people are claiming to be awkward and shy .. Me, too 8D -shot-
Anyway, I'm glad I was able to join and to work with so many awesome people ;w;

So~ I'm Chinese ... and I think .. here are pretty many chinese o3o *looks at Apple and Toki* and .. uh .. itzMiracle is Chinese, too as i remember .. yeah, the next thing is: I've probably got the worst memory in the entire galaxy, so please don't be mad with me when I forgot something ;w; (like bday, etc. ...). Yeah, beside that I'm capable of .. German .. bad Latin 8'| ... bad English 8') I'm living in Germany ... Though, soon I'll be in China .. so I'll probably stalk this forum because I won't have yt there. And living w/out yt .... dunno ... I imagine it as very boring 8'|
btw, I'm patriotic, too, if anyone care. China ftw 8D I will love that country forever even if it blocks yt "orz

My favorite Hetalia-Characters are Hong Kong, Norway, Denmark, all the other Asians .. beside Japan .. "orz (it's not like I don't like him ... it's just ... dunno) and all the other Nordics, Romano, England ... and many more 8')
The animes I like are Hetalia (hurx), No. 6, Pandora Hearts, 07-Ghost, Fairy Tail, Angel Beats, .. I think i have forgotten something due to my bad memory "orz

I like to listen to ... K-Pop 8D ... C-Pop 8DDDDDDDDD (chinese pop-music ... which isn't as much as popular as K-Pop ... it's so sad ;w;) and uh a lot of another American and European music stuff 8') it's too much to list them up here ^w^

In my sparetime I love to read and write .. though I publish nothing xD And I also like to draw, but my drawing skills suck. So it's sometimes not so amusing to me "orz ah, yeah, of course I also like editing xD Though, I still have much to learn ^^° So don't expect anything from me .__."

uh, that's .. enough ... I think 8') Thank you for reading ... Or skipping the lines <3

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