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; A ; oh lord..

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; A ; oh lord.. Empty ; A ; oh lord..

Post by kylinbro. Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:43 pm

H-hey there. pale

Maybe i should start with some general informations about me:
my real name is anne. (kylinbroflovski on YouTube; xeatthepuffin on Tumblr)
but i'd like to get a nickname ;u; // friend's call me chuu, ky-bro or kylin mostly.
i'm 17 years old and i'll celebrate my 18th birthday this year.
//somehow, i'm quite sensitive when it comes to my age. (better don't talk about it - i know i'm a granny.)
Normally, i do not overuse smiley which can lead to misunderstandings in case. (I'm not a meanie ;A;)
my fave animes are Hetalia, No.6 and Durarara!! (K-On comes right after them probably).
some fave characters & pairings of Hetalia; iceland, norway, england, romano, prussia, DenNor, PruHun, GerIta, UsUk, etc.
(this list would be endless if i'd continue)
btw. I'm not much into gaming - the only game i play entirely is Prof. Layton. //feels awesome to be a detective o u o
my home country is germany. unsuspected but true - i speak german. but i'm able to communicate in english and french quite fluently. (i'm able to understand dutch, danish, norwegian, swedish, italian and spanish by reading and sometimes hearing)
currently, i'm learning norwegian most consistently. (mandarin, polish, danish, spanish and italian are in learning process)
Besides studying languages i enjoy drawing, editing and hanging around with friends most of all.

This text about me may seems serious or mean.. but i'm just not good with writing ;A;

I guess i talked quite a lot in view of my shyness // i really grew out of myself today ; u ;
Usually, i'm quite shy and uncertain but i hope to get along with all you ♥️

I took me almost an hour to finish this orz //slow thinking brain ftw
it's 2:32 am now. Bedtime.

Good night ; w ;


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; A ; oh lord.. Empty Re: ; A ; oh lord..

Post by YukiSeino Sat Apr 07, 2012 4:27 am

OMG, bist du süß ;w; Also das erste smilie! -hug-

People never would think you're a meanie :U You're so nice~ And uh, always when I see how many languages you are learning orz I'm still pretty sure your chinese will be better than mine one day 'cause you always keep on learning and I'm like: veh~ too lazy~ pasta'd be cool now 8D wanna food <3

And Prof. Layton is cool 8DD

Ahaha, and I often need so much longer to write posts xD


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; A ; oh lord.. Empty Re: ; A ; oh lord..

Post by Irosama Sun Apr 15, 2012 2:12 am

you are never mean :c you're just very sophisticated~

and don't worry, i'm even less of a gamer :'D the only thing i can count is pokemon, apart from that there's nothing xD

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; A ; oh lord.. Empty Re: ; A ; oh lord..

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