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Here comes the awkward shorty...

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Here comes the awkward shorty... Empty Here comes the awkward shorty...

Post by SidIsFunSized Tue Apr 10, 2012 5:13 pm

Oh gosh, I'm so late on this... OTL

But yeah, hello there~ I shall go by the name of Sid and I am yet another awkward being~ I'm 15, turning 16 on August 22nd [LEO PRIDE FTW], currently in my Sophomore year (I can't wait to get out...) And I play the flute in marching band. I love Doritos, kittens, 9gag, Tumblr, le memes, Nutella, Hetalia, Sherlock, Homestuck, bandom, watching Asian Horrors that deprive me of sleep, and talking to myself even though I sound like a total idiot. -shot-
And I quote a lot of memes by the way, so if you don't know what those are, just tell me and I'll shut up and stop confusing you. lol

I have really mixed heritage. I'm half Asian (Thai and Canto Chinese) and half Caucasian (Norwegian, Irish, Scottish, Breton, and Welsh) resulting in me not being able to focus of one culture... so I only speak English (YOU DON'T SAY?) But I am learning Spanish and a member of my household speaks fluent Thai.

Ummmm... I'm really passionate about the bands enjoy. I fangirl about them 24/7 and it's all that's on my Tumblr dashboard so feel free to give me a virtual slap if I ever start squealing for My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco, 30 Seconds to Mars, Black Veil Brides, Breathe Carolina, Owl City... (Just... slap me if I ever squeal about ANYTHING in general. ;_; )

Soooo yeah... Enjoy me and my awkwardness. <3

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