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Studio Rules~

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Studio Rules~ Empty Studio Rules~

Post by Apples Mon Jan 16, 2012 2:46 pm

Studio Rules:
1} We will try our best to be an ACTIVE studio; so please, make sure you’ll be able to be ACTIVE. We will not extend deadlines or anything of that sort; if you cannot turn in your part on time, please pm any of the leader/co-leaders BEFORE-HAND with a good reason. If you cannot meet these requirements, we will proceed with a warning, and then do the 3-strike system. (It’s like you have 4 strikes, basically. We’re trying to be lenient.) If you’re to be inactive for a long period of time, we require you do the same (pm with good reason, etc.)
2} We will communicate via forum(as you can tell by now). So if you don't know how to use a forum; please learn and/or ask for assistance~
3} Please, be able to get along well and socialize with the other members.
4} MEP, etc. discussion will be open for as long as it takes; but not overly-long. We will do some things a BIT differently, but please don’t fret. This will be clear in due time~
-and, those are the rules~! :3 Welcome to the studio, everyone! As 'proof' of you reading these rules, would you mind going to 'Our Members' and make an introduction of yourself(make your own topic)? (It'll help us get to know each other a bit.)Thank you!
Also, feel free to comment on each other's intro topics~ ;3

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