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Introductions and Pandacakes. |D

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Introductions and Pandacakes. |D Empty Introductions and Pandacakes. |D

Post by Apples Fri Apr 06, 2012 10:36 am

Hello~ xD Introductions for me are harder than they seem...orz So if there's any uncomprehendable things, I'm sorry for the confusion. :'D
Anyways, I'm ixApples from yt; my name is April, though you can call me anything you want really. Languages I know are english(as plainly seen :T) and chinese(mandarin)~ Hetalia is pretty much all I've edited with so far, though I do enjoy other series such as Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, KWMS, Bakuman, Pokemon, etc. Some Hetalia characters I like are China, Prussia, and characters within East Asia and Nordic 5. As for pairings, I don't have anything against any of them really, though I do have the ones I support. ;3 -can't find much else to say xD-
I enjoy cooking for no reason at all. -throws pandacakes in air-
Should mention I'm uber shy, but I'm always up for a chat or whatever you prefer. o u o"

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