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u___u uhm, hi. -forever awkward- D8

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u___u uhm, hi. -forever awkward- D8 Empty u___u uhm, hi. -forever awkward- D8

Post by TimefulAngel Fri Apr 06, 2012 10:52 am

Hullo all~ not like anyone's reading of course My name is Kathy or TimefulAngel on youtube forever unknown Before I start anything else, I hope I don't make anyone fall asleep eAe if you do, then uh, I dunno, get a cookie? =A=

Anywhoooo, I live in Aoi's bed America. Somewhere in the midwest ;D. I speak Vietnamese, my native tongue, and English [well yeah |8]. Uhm, I love kpop, South Korea, pokemon, my playstation 3, KITTIESSS, and the colour blue. My OTPs are AmeBel and PruHun. I have some other pairings but those are my main two~ x'D My favorite Hetalia characters are fem!Prussia, the Nordics, Asia, Belarus, Hungary, Belgium, Seychelles, yee, just all the girls I suppose. c: =w= I don't really know what to say OTL. I'm usually friendly but super awkward :I don't let that fool you though D8 I'm always up for a chat 8DD~

Can't wait to work with you all QAQ

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u___u uhm, hi. -forever awkward- D8 Empty Re: u___u uhm, hi. -forever awkward- D8

Post by lilcutielian Sat Apr 07, 2012 12:05 am

LOL- Still living in my bed I see =u=

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