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Post by Wie Fri Apr 06, 2012 11:37 am

Hi I'm Wie and I'm ridiculously creative when it comes to thread titles /boot to the head

<w> I guess I introduce my self now
Umm, I'm Wieareyou on Youtube and I like being called Wie. I mainly edit with Hetalia but occasionally I'll do a Homestuck vid. My current obsessions are Hetalia{!Audible Gasp!} & Avatar; Legend of Korra. I used to really like reading and drawing but I never seem to have the motivation to do so nowadays /lazyyyyyy That's why nowadays I usually spend my time on sites such as Tumblr and Youtube 8I

if you guys want to talk to me outside of here or youtube my url on tumblr is wie-fi ~shameless advertising~

x3 My favourite characters are Denmark and Belgium! My APH otp's are FrUK, AmeBel, DenNor and SpaBel =w= I live in Ireland and it freaking rains here all the time I speak English, Filipino and Irish quite fluently. My reading and writing skills for Filipino and Irish are mehhhh :c I'm currently learning Spanish!~ My favourite band at the moment is Two Door Cinema Club.

;o; i'm quite shy at first so yeah i'm sorry
I do look forward to working with you all! c:

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