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Well Hello There. 8')

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Well Hello There. 8') Empty Well Hello There. 8')

Post by lilcutielian Sat Apr 07, 2012 12:29 am

Wow the title looks so pedo-like :'D (I'mnotreallyapedothough)

..-cough- =w= Well here I go for another introduction to me 8D (I've written a lot already and they're all so awkward and weird xD)

WELLANYWAYS- Nice to meet you all, my name's Candice (lilcutielian on YT) though I get called a lotta stuff like; Aoi, Candy, Candicy, Canned Ice (I don't even know-), British Hooker (yes. =w=...) Canada and more, so feel free to call me whatever you'd like :'D
So I'm 14, from England (originally from Philippines, though I'm only half Filipino, half English) and my birthday is Oct 24th~. I speak English (You guys totally didn't know that right. 8'|) and I'm learning French (3rd year learning) and Spanish (2nd year) :'D.. I realise I use a lot of brackets.. =w=

My favourite Hetalia characters are; England, America, Prussia, Spain, Romano etc (there is no character I particularly dislike owo)
OTPs are; USUK (WOO.) PrUK, SpUK, RusUK, WorldxEngland, Spamano and so on~ The only pairings I dislike are any America pairings (other than USUK) and uh.. yeah; that's it owo Though please don't be scared to talk to me about any pairings you like and stuff, I don't bash pairings and I'm respectful of people's preferences :'D

Apart from Hetalia I like a lotta things; Korean/Japanese movies and dramas, Sherlock, Kpop, Food (Omg I'm so hungry right now. Someone please get me a sammich I'm dying here--), Tea/Coffee... Yeah =u=

Ohrightediting; Well yeah I started editing March 2011 with Hetalia (Yep it was the first thing I edited with~ woah it's been just over a year now owo.. Jeez-). I mainly edit with Hetalia, though I have edited with other things such as; Code Geass, Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi (I've not even watched/read that yet-) and other stuffs I can't remember :'D

..Well that's it; CAN'T WAIT TO WORK WITH Y'ALL. 8D

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Well Hello There. 8') Empty Re: Well Hello There. 8')

Post by TimefulAngel Sat Apr 07, 2012 5:11 am

you are a pedo but you're MY pedo Cool

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Well Hello There. 8') Empty Re: Well Hello There. 8')

Post by Apples Sat Apr 07, 2012 7:50 am

oh mai Kathy. 8T

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Well Hello There. 8') Empty Re: Well Hello There. 8')

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