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⊰ I'm extremely awkward :'I ⊱

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⊰ I'm extremely awkward :'I ⊱ Empty ⊰ I'm extremely awkward :'I ⊱

Post by itzMiracle Wed Apr 18, 2012 3:22 pm

itz Miracle
⊹⊱⋛⋋ Hello my name is Angelica. ⋌⋚⊰⊹
"If a man is not faithful to his own individuality, he cannot be loyal to anything."

Hm.. I haven't made a post yet. Although I do know some of you already.
I think some I've worked with some of you guys as well. ^^ I can't wait to get to know some of you.
I have a gut feeling this studio will be awesome!

itzMiracle|NaturalCrime @ youtube. truereminisce@tumblr.
»» about___
◘ Name: Angelica
◘ Location: United States of America, Northern California
◘ Age: 16
◘ Birthday: May 25th
◘ Siblings: One little sister, Anastasia.
◘ Background: Chinese & Filipino
◘ Languages: Cantonese, learning french
◘ Fandoms: Hetalia, Hunger Games {My #1 addiction right now.. I'm just dying from it..}, Sherlock, Walking Dead, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, & Young Justice.
◘ Music: Two Door Cinema Club, Panic! at the disco, Ellie Goulding, Phoenix, Foster the people, & etc cause I can't think of any
◘ Editing: Started summer of 2011
◘ Pairings: Hetalia; usuk/ukus, Spamano, SuFin, FrUs, BelgiumxSpain|Romano|Netherlands|France|England|Male!Belgium {I love belgium pairings okay :'I}, DenNor, HongIce (fluff), NorIce (fluff), PruHun, Franada, FrancexSpain, FrUk(only extreme fluff terms), More hetalia pairings.. and stuff. Hunger Games; Peeniss {PeetaxKatniss}, FinnickxAnnie or FinnickxJohanna, HaymichxEffie & more stuff.. Sherlock; JohnLock Young Justice; Kid FlashxArtemis, RobinxZatanna, RobinxArtemis, Kid FlashxRobin Walking Dead; GlennxMaggie
◘ Likes: Rose milk tea, Thai milk tea, Tea in general, my dog popcorn, editing, tumblr, music, reading fanfiction, hanging out with my best friend, boots, converse, warm coats, urban life, gaming, vintage stuff, comfort food, Japanese Food, Indian Food, Spicy Food, Quotes, Monster(energy drink) & other stuffs that I can't think of..
◘ Dislikes: coffee, school, bugs, spiders, being alone, overly sugary things, cough medicine, stress, chemistry, drama, horror, & heights

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⊰ I'm extremely awkward :'I ⊱ Empty Re: ⊰ I'm extremely awkward :'I ⊱

Post by sxrlove06 Sat Apr 21, 2012 8:48 pm

yes. i'm talking about the pairing. i'm really into thg too. i'm reading catching fire. fuck yea.

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